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Bike Tour Japan

Bike tour. It is slower than vehicles and faster then walking. Visitors have more chance to explore more and dig different perspectives. What's more, people can experience different seasons by seeing nature changing. 
Nostalgia streets, artificial farms and endless mountain paths are engaging and make tourist energetic. 
In today's modern era, bicycle is an irreplaceable tool for people who want adventures beyond their tedious environment. People can recall their adventures like they used to have in their childhood. In the end, people create their own route and gain unique tour.
As material for adventure, bikes can reach hidden spots, provide people as a leisure activity. When leisure activity become a unforgettable story, Cycling is attractive for people who wants traveling in a slow pace. Eventually, People discover the essences of Japan's tradition and preserve traditions in order to introduce to visitors all over the world.

Northern Alps Granfondo


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